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Old 08-12-2018, 01:25 AM
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Cool The Great Hunt is On

Greetings, Hunters! Patch 4.36 is live ...
Greetings, Hunters!

Patch 4.36 is live and introduces the Forbidden Land, Eureka Pagos, and the Monster Hunter: World (MHW) collaboration, in which players hunt the king of the skies, the mighty Rathalos!

In an effort to introduce aspects of Monster Hunter: World into FFXIV, we have introduced a number of special mechanics that Warriors of Light have never seen before. So today, we're going to explore "some" of those mechanics that are shared between both the normal and the Extreme version of The Great Hunt.

Rathalos Doesn't Care About Enmity!
That's right! This Rathalos has been flash bombed so many times in MHW that our paladin's Flash is nothing to them! Rathalos will go after anyone that he wishes to because he doesn't worry about things like "enmity"!

Observe his movement, who he targets, and attack when you can!

I Can't Predict These Attacks!
The majority of the attacks Rathalos does will have no visible indicators beforehand. You'll need to keep a keen eye on Rathalos's actions to see what's coming and dodge accordingly!

If his tail goes up...

He'll do his signature spin attack, so make sure to get out!

Don't Get Stunned!
Taking constant damage from the mighty Rathalos will leave even the strongest Warrior of Light stunned.

You won't be able to act while visions of adorable chocobos fly around your head, so try your best to avoid getting stunned at all costs.

Mega-Potions Are Lifesavers!
During the battle, Rathalos will prevent players from being healed! Worry not, because Mega-Potions crafted from a very special blend of honey and herbs are here to save the day!

Just like in Monster Hunter, you can only carry 10 of these potions! So make sure to plan out the best timing to take a sip.

Those are all of the mechanics we'll share with you! I'm sure that Warriors of Light who have battled countless primals will have no...

Problem at...


And don't forget, the "Extreme" version of the battle features an even greater challenge. So, Warriors of Light, now is your chance to rise as Hunters and hunt down the mighty Rathalos!

Before We Go!

The Palico minion is adorable!

Now back to hunting!

- Zhexos
Community Team

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