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Old 07-07-2017, 01:36 PM
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Default Savage Raiding

Currently we are approx. 12 days away from the launch of Savage Mode Raiding.

With that said I want to go over a few things about savage raiding, thing we tried in the past, and things we will be doing going forward involving Savage Raiding.

We have been inviting across the board and all different play styles. We consider Savage raiding to be a more hardcore playstyle and this content will reflect rules that were more present in Paradox then are in the general guild in 7thSyndicate.

With the design of FFXIV, savage raiding required low man statics to optimally do the content. This is due to extremely high penalties of doing the content more than once a week, and the extremely high learning curve. While we prefer a guild focus in events, this simply is not possible for this content.

With the extreme fight also come extreme dps checks, meaning all dps, tanks, healer will be required to hit certain dps levels to clear the content, with this content carrying ppl is not possible until we obtain gear from savage. So all members wanting to participate must have a mastery of their class.

The ultimate goal is to create multiple static groups within the guild if possible to allow all members to participate in this content who want to. A guild group will be defined of any group where at least 6/8 members are belonging to 7th Syndicate or affiliated cross world groups. As a guild we will do our best to work with guild groups to involve scheduling as well as assist with recruitment when needed.

Since these groups are statics, they will be under the jurisdiction of the leader of the group not the guild. General guild policies should still apply, but guild oversite will be very minimal. Aka leaders should not be gearing friends first, leaders should not be demanding members to not run primals with guild, ect. Anyone who feels a leader is using their power in a static to screw over members should contact a sr officer/guild leader. If it is a guild group we will look into it. To note: getting kicked for failure to perform or attendance is viewed as a valid reason for being removed by guild management.

I ask all members who want to participate in Savage mode raiding to contact myself or another officer so we can get data on who is interested.

Members doing savage are expected to meet the following Criteria:

1) Be able to use Voice Chat (Being able to talk is optional, PS4 ppl run discord on your phone… free download)
2) Have Grade 6 Materia on all non-verity gear (we do not expect ppl to waste $$$ or time getting them for 310 gear due to them being quickly replaced)
3) Have a min Ilvl of 316 <you need a few story mode pieces from omega>
4) Deal within the top ~15-20% of parses on FFLogs.com on dummies (note counting those with buffs and such)*note 1&2&3
5) Have playtimes that fit the group you are joining. Must be willing to schedule RL around raid times once you commit. You cannot have a 70-80% attendance rate without holding the group back.(yes occasional things come up, but you need to have a 95%+ attendance rate at the min)
6) Complete all weeklies caps for new tomestones to get 330 gear.

Note: PS4 members can attend savage raiding and yes they cannot parse. Please get with an officer or another player to check your dps output on dummies. PS4 ppl are held to the same standards as PC players even if they have less tools.

Note2: This one is important. DO NOT FOCUS ON PARSES WHEN LEARNING FIGHTS!!!!!!!! I cannot stress this enough it only slows down progression as a whole when ppl focus on dps instead of mechanics. Especially in savage raiding. We do not care if you parse in the bottom 25% while learning phases. Once the fight is learned then maximize dmg. Doing this you will find that you clear content nearly twice as fast as focusing on getting World Records from day 1. At least in my group, you will be kicked if you constantly screw up mechanics trying to get higher parse numbers. Mechanics > DPS, If you die you are holding us all back more than that 50+dps would give us… remember that.

Note3: Please note the % is an approximate and is without party buff, food, and meds. Aka for example a rdm cannot hit 4400 on a dummy (which I believe is the record atm) without extreme RNG (40%+ DH/Crit) or Buffs of some kind, it is mathematically impossible. We do not expect that. For rdm you need to be hitting between 3700-3900 on parses atm in 314 for example. Your dps will not be a problem unless it is apparent you are causing the wipes due to enrage. Example Sam 1 is hitting for 4200 while you on sam are hitting for 3375 with equal gear… obviously you are screwing something up big times.

I ask all members who are serious spend time on Practice dummies and such and master your rotations. If someone is outparsing you badly ask them what they are doing and improve. This is not an internal epeen contest, we are a guild and this is what we do improve as a whole. This includes PS4 ppl who will be attending. We have 2 dummies at the guild hall we suggest you use those. A Parse session should last at the min 5mins. This will allow you to cycle through all your abilities at least twice and will remove a lot of the RNG dps you will get on short parses. Aka minimized the spikes from rare 20% crit rates or garbage 1% crit rates for short durations.
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