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Old 06-24-2019, 07:48 PM
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Default Shadow Bringers Release and Guild

Recruitment plan:

In-game recruitment will begin at the start of the expansion alongside external recruitment that has started and will be an ongoing focus throughout the expansion until a stable number of active members is achieved. Current target is 60active or an average of 25-30 online nightly, There is no current cap planned or lvl requirement. Endgame groups for upper tier content will utilize statics. If anyone sees anyone looking for a guild ask them if they would like to join, the more we have the stronger the rebuild will be.

Retention is obviously an issue in ffxiv, as people burn out on content between patches attendance varies up and down. As needed recruitment drives and such will be done to keep active player base up.

Target Goals:

With FFXIV a highly structured guild such as in FFXI/AA/Classic WoW is not feasible due to the game constraints. With that being said our goal is build a community in-guild which can allow people to get dungeon groups, raid groups, and farming groups (Primals, ect) together and more importantly build a community of players for us to socialize and play with on an ongoing basis. In the situation where eureka like or large-scale content arises guild groups for those interested will be formed. Building a strong guild community is the primary focus.

Guild Buffs and Rotation:

Once the expansion hits, we will be doing a guild buff rotation to facilitate progression of leveling in the expansion. T3 (XP +15%) will be kept up 3 days a week. (Note: this is weekly maximum). Outside that XP +10% will be kept up the other 4 days. The 2nd buff will rotate between Crafting XP and Gathering XP.

The days for the 3xs buff are tentatively Sat/Sun/and Wednesday. But these will be adjusted to best fit the guild’s attendance and needs.

Raids and Static Groups (Endgame):

These will be formed as needed. Members should join groups that best fit their playtime and level of “Hardcore” they wish to do. Obviously, we would like to open this to guildmembers first when filling spots, but outside members and friends of the guild are more them welcome to run with these as well.
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