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Old 06-26-2017, 01:44 AM
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Exclamation Systems dbm act addon Bug notice.

After some more testing and several ppl using on different computers a bug was discovered which could cause ACT to hang when using System act addon for the dbm.

I believe this has to do with either the readers for the chatlogs/encounter or the automatic downloaders for the default sounds/settings/ect. This seems to have happened after the last act patch and is not replicatable when being run on the development software (Visual Studios), so it might take a few days to pin point the issue. Gona be a trial and error basically and since I cannot find it on VS time consuming.

To prevent it from locking up ppls act I have disabled the download on the site temporarily, a updated version will be released later this week.

If the add-on is working for you feel free to keep using it, if you get freezes where it says Advanced Combat tracker is not responding do the following:

Right click it on the taskbar and force close it. Reopen it and Go to Plugins => Plugin Listings => SystemsDBMACT (NOT THE TAB ON TOP) => Disable or Remove and it will stop the crashes. The issue appears to only be when you click on the SystemsDBM tab, otherwise it runs normally.

I am hoping to have this fixed by the weekend.

To Note: Normal SystemsGM (The full independent program) and the systemssync addon for act are working as intended. Systems version 4.05a will be released to the guild on Thursday of this week after some final QA testing.
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