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Old 06-14-2017, 11:53 AM
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Default 4.0 Content Release Schedule

For the guild this means statics will begin forming for raid content at the end of week 2 of normal launch.

For members wanting to join the main guild static you need to have gear up to date as possible for endgame as well as materia. Slots will be determined by jobs available, time available, DPS output for all classes including tanks and healers... practice on a dummy and use a parser. Discord is required for raid.

If the main group fills we will make additional groups the ultimate goal is to get 4+ groups running again like in the ARR days.

Guild members are given priority over non-guild members if they are capable of doing the content at the level required only. Meaning we will not carry ppl through top tier content people are expected to have a near mastery of their jobs for top tier raiding. The main group is a semi-hardcore group.

New people to the game and such get with us and we can help you on parses and stuff if needed... the goal is to get everyone through who wants.

For Raiding Look into these things:

Advanced Combat Tracker - Parser everyone should have this... it is basically required for anyone in the game doing top tier raiding. This is a tool to see if you are doing good or are maximizing the rotations. Example if dps is hitting 2500 dps on average and you are only parsing 1850 and are equally geared and on the same job... you are doing something very very very wrong. (This will cause a wipe 100% of the time in a savage raid due to failure to meet dps checks). Yes mechanics > DPS when learning, but need something to help maximize dps in the end.

Discord - This is a guild requirement for top tier raiding. Talking is optional but you must be able to hear callouts. PS4 ppl get the phone app (Free) if you do not have a pc nearby. PPL without discord or ppl refusing to use discord will not be allowed in primary raiding groups, it would just cause a massive slowdown in progression not fair for the whole team.

WTFast - Subscription based tunneling service to improve ping. If you have >200 ping try the free trial and see if it makes a difference. This can make hard fights easier with dodging. The free trial will let you see the improvement before you buy. *NOTE: SE has stated these are ok to use... other mmos such as Black Desert Online and Revelations Online consider these illegal third party software giving ppl an unfair advantage... this is BS (Since it would be as unfair as living near the server) but so are the 2 companies involved. So check with the games TOS before using them outside FFXIV. (Optional alot of ppl do not need it, some it is near a 30-50% ping reduction)

SystemsGM/SystemsDBM addon - Our custom deadly boss mod program. Gives callouts, warnings, and timers for boss fights. Customizable for each job in the fight. (this is optional but can help ppl make less mistakes, typically we will have someone calling stuff out over discord but this gives visual and audio cues as well)
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