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Old 06-08-2017, 01:41 PM
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Cool 4.0 Launch Plans

Well launch is pretty much just around the corner at this point and I am going to go ahead and outline some things with the guild that will be taking place.

Company Buffs: First Month of Launch

Monday: XP (T2), Crafting xp (T2)
Tuesday: XP (T2), Crafting xp (T2)
Wednesday: XP (T2), Crafting xp (T2)
Thursday: XP (T2), Gathering xp (T2)
Friday: XP (T2), Gathering xp (T2)
Saturday: XP (T3), Gathering XP (T2)
Sunday: XP (T3), Crafting XP (T2)

Special Note: At launch of 4.0 Friday, Saturday, and Sunday will have T3 xp buff up. After that due to the 70 hour priming of the buff we will reserve them for the weekends.

Do not ask for Teleport buff, Food Buff, MGP Buff, PvP Buff, or Stat + Buff. At launch we will be focusing on helping ppl level faster to be ready to do endgame as it is released. After month 1, we will begin using other buffs as well.

__________________________________________________ ___________

Guild Events:

For the first two weeks there will be a heavy focus on leveling and progression for the guild. Friday, Saturday, and Sunday we will be focusing on progression heavily. Dungeon will be run and any members who want to participate can. The tier 3 XP boost in dungeons will executed the XP gain from POTD clear xp so we will be running some guild dungeon partys.

In two-three weeks we will begin working on endgame content for those who are ready, including any primals that are released as well as daily roulettes. Please note for ppl wanting to participate they must have the required jobs and gear.

Savage Raiding Notice: We will probably start forming Savage raiding groups around the 2-3 week mark for when they are released. As noted in prior post Savage Raids are not guild events due to their design in game. Members wanting to do these should talk to people who are forming them. Please note that the guild static group will be forming as well, members wanting to join must meet strict DPS Requirement (I do not care about GS just DPS output... meaning I will parse you), Time requirements, personality requirement (If you cause tensions and such or drama you are out... raiding is high stress when learning), and Job requirements.

More on Savage raiding will be posted as it gets closer.

Those in external statics that is fine, but remember the guild will not offer assistance in gearing non-guild members nor can we work to schedule around non-guild statics.

<Part 2 coming soon, out of time for this post>
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