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Default Paradox 4.0 - Rebuilding and Restructuring Part.2

Upcoming plans and policy revisions going into 4.0

I) Recruitment Plans

General recruitment will begin on June 1st and go until early launch.

At early launch large scale recruitment will take place.

Utilizing forums, in-game chat, in-game party finder.

II) Target for recruitment

Players who are wanting to progress and do endgame content with a core group of members.

Our target is to do all content the game has to offer. Including top tier raiding, Ex Primals, Hunts, Maps, Diadem like content, PoTD like content, Merc sales, leveling, dailies, alliance content, and weeklies. <Aka everything we did back in Dox>

Level requirement: None *with the new expansion resetting everything to basically level 1 again when you think about it we will accept new players. They must be willing to work towards endgame. Players who have no intention of doing endgame should not apply.

Focus: Wanting to do endgame including primals and raids.

Playtime: We will not be super strict on this but a 16hr a week min should be adhered to or at least 4 nights / 3 long nights. For an mmo even a casual one like this less then that and you will fall behind progression. We ask members who will be missing for a period of time exceeding 14 days to contact an officer or leave a note in the guild member note page about the absence. With a new expansion and people coming and going we will remove inactive who do not tell us anything. Please note this is simply to remove those who only came back to try the expansion but do not plan on staying.

Trial Period: We have a watch period for new members to make sure they fit with this guild. This does not effect anything within the guild to be honest. If there are major personality conflict or a new member causes major issues/drama they will be removed. (If you get along with everyone and fit in with the group you are golden that simple).

Player Numbers: 50+ *We expect this to take a bit of time to get a core 50+, while we will mass recruit as with any recruitment campaign like this we will have a high turn over. The goal is to get 50+ who are wanting to progress in endgame who are capable of working with each other.

Voice Chat: We utilize discord for voice communication. High tier content voice chat is required either on phone, web app, or downloadable program. Members without voice chat will not be allowed to attend high tier content due to the high levels of communication required. Talking is optional but hearing callouts and instructions is critical.

III) Plans for launch:

1) Launch:

will focus heavily on leveling and progressing jobs to the new level cap to be ready for endgame content.

Events will consist primarily of leveling activities for all members, including dungeons/daily roulette, and other in-game activities we can do to level up. Guild buffs will be permanent Battle XP and an alternating of Crafting/Gathering XP.

2) Endgame stage 1:

Focus on Dailies for tokens and available primals at launch. Please note the required Item Levels will be set for primals as well as jobs. Members will be prioritized over pugs only if we have the correct setup and item levels.

The goal will be for everyone who attends guild stuff to get their weekly cap in tokens as well as have guild members to play with at content.

-Note on progression from here out: On initial progression any member unable to perform or learn the fight will be asked to leave the group until they get better at their job. The goal of the guild is to advance as a whole, but members must be able to perform at the level required for high tier content. We will not allow progression to be held back or slowed by members unable to perform (was an issue in 2.0/3.0 for us). For newer players this could be an issue for anyone utilizing the P2W leveling potion or Palace of the Dead to get their first job up, make sure to practice your job if you do this (Practice dummy) and watch some youtube videos. If you need help learning a fight ask an officer/veteran member and take advantage of systems/act to more quickly facilitate progression.

3) Endgame Stage 2:

At this point we expect SE to release the normal mode of raid. As well as potentially other primals if they follow the standard pattern. We will be adding on normal mode raid (which is easy mode) we will run weekly on this a few days a week for those who need it.

4) Endgame Stage 3:

If SE follows typical patch cycle at this point they will release the top tier content of the game.

Static Content: Due to the design of FFXIV statics will be utilized for the progression of top tier content. While we highly encourage guild statics (this almost always ends better then randoms), unlike prior expansions in ffxiv we will not be requiring 7/8 to 8/8 membership to be from the guild. This caused issues with suboptimal groups as well as problems with people not capable of doing the content to be in groups together. This hindered progression greatly. We highly suggest people with outside members being in statics to try to get their whole team in the guild.

Members are not required to run with the guild, but will also not be able to receive much assistance from the guild either in this case.

Other guild content will be scheduled at this time as well. Please note that I will attempt to schedule around statics primarily of guild members. If you are in an outside static... I cannot take that into consideration for scheduling.

5) Full Endgame Cycle

At this point they will release a 24 man (easy mode raid). The goal is to do any weeklies as a guild. Including the 24 man. Statics will be running throughout the week. At this point we will begin doing content mercs. *mercs will almost entirely be from inhouse unless we do not have the people required to do the content. For this content members must have mastered the content and be parsing at least 118% of the required dmg to beat a fight.

For 4.0 the bank WILL NOT be taking a percentage of sale.
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