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Old 08-22-2018, 11:15 AM
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Cool A Spriggan Your Step

Hello again, Warriors of Light! Luxpher...
Hello again, Warriors of Light!

Luxpheras here, excited to showcase one of our favorite new friends on the Square Enix Store: the Spriggan Plushie!

If you've yet to order your very own fuzzy friend, allow me to offer you some Spriggan Facts.

Spriggan Fact #1: Spriggans travel in packs, as witnessed here.

Spriggan Fact #2: Spriggans are neither sprites nor faeries, though they share similarities with both.

Spriggan Fact #3: These soulkin are known for carrying a gem or chunk of ore with them at all times. This may explain the popularly held belief within the mining fraternity that Spriggans are bringers of good fortune.

Spriggan Fact #4: If you take adopt a Spriggan Plushie IRL, you'll also receive a code for an equally adorable Stuffed Spriggan in-game furnishing item!

You are now subscribed to Spriggan Facts. To unsubscribe, please find the nearest rock, gemstone, or chunk of ore and carry it with you for eternity.

Take home your very own Spriggan Plushie today! The fluffy little soulkin is waiting for you now at the Square Enix Store.

Until next time!

- Luxpheras
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