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Old 08-22-2018, 11:15 AM
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Cool Hello from the Otter Side

Hello again, adventurers! We've got a n...
Hello again, adventurers!

We've got a new pal joining the FFXIV plushie parade soon... Can you guess who it is?

Of course! It's none other than the Odder Otter!

Is there anything odder than an otter who lives out of water? Maybe not, but is there also anything cuter? I mean, just look at him!

He's got his hat on, his lantern at the ready, and he's ready to accompany you on any adventure!

As if that face wasn't enough to convince you to take this little guy home, the Odder Otter plushie also comes with a bonus item code for the "Odder Otter Round Andon Lamp", an in-game furnishing item!

Perfect for any Odder Otter enthusiast! (Yes, that's a thing... Or is it just me? No, it can't be! There are plenty of Odder Otter enthusiasts out there... Right?)

The gang's all here!

This furry little fella will be making his debut at the Fan Festival 2018 in Las Vegas, and will go on sale on the Square Enix Store in Japan and Europe in November. Then he'll make his debut in the NA Store sometime following that, so please look forward to it! A quick disclaimer before I go: this otter plush may or may not be able to beat you in Triple Triad.

Until next time!

- Luxpheras
Community Team

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