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  1. Archeage: Consortium
  2. Cuteness Overload - Introducing Baby Behemoth Plushes!
  3. My Little Nanamo
  4. Stormblood Sing-along
  5. The Sound of Songbirds
  6. Of the Grand Finale of the Fan Festivals!
  7. Going Back for Fourths
  8. EU Fan Fest: Creating the Samurai Costume and Moghome
  9. Back to School: Learning How to Draw a Chocobo
  10. Storming PAX East
  11. Alexander: The Kweh-ator (Savage)
  12. Retrofitting Eorzea
  13. Jihli Aliapoh's Eggcellent Adventure
  14. The Far Edge of Music
  15. FFXIV & WWE Form Epic Tag Team
  16. Oh hi, Benchmark
  17. Shut Up and Take My Gil
  18. FFXIV and Amazon.comŽ DLC Campaign
  19. Storming the Dungeons
  20. Release the D
  21. It's a Pose Off
  22. Previewing the Storm in San Francisco
  23. Smooth Sailing
  24. Previewing the Storm in Hamburg
  25. PvP on the Horizon
  26. The Sabotender's Stash
  27. Out of the E3, Into the EA
  28. The Light in My Mirai
  29. Hamamatsu FATE Complete
  30. It Belongs in an Aquarium
  31. A Storm of Blood, A Feast for Wolves
  32. A Feast in the East
  33. Shaved Ice Ice Baby
  34. Trialing the Trials of Bahamut
  35. Celebrating in Shanghai
  36. The Morbol Report: gamescom 2017
  37. Rising to the Occasion
  38. Shanghai-quality Cosplay
  39. Look! Up in the Sky!
  40. gamescom, gamesgone 2017
  41. Taking the Far East to PAX West
  42. An Interface Lift
  43. Straight Outta TGS
  44. The HUD Your HUD Could Look Like
  45. Simple and Clean
  46. Pumpkin Spice Lupin
  47. The Fresh Prince of Uznair
  48. A Well-Orchestrated Concert
  49. Yoshi-PGW
  50. Moogletourism
  51. Mapping the Realm: PAX Australia Achievement Unlocked
  52. You Got XI in my XIV Again
  53. Popping a shop up!
  54. The Lord of the Wings
  55. Warriors of Light Got Seoul
  56. Slime Time
  57. Beary Merry Starlight
  58. Welcome to the Happiest Place on Hydaelyn
  59. All Orchestrated to Plan
  60. Pretty Please (With Sugar On Top)
  61. They're Good Dogs, Eorzea
  62. Rendered Like a Boss
  63. Rise of a New Interface
  64. Love is in the Aether
  65. Ice to Meet You Nidhogg
  66. Roar, Writhe, Rock Out!
  67. Bright Lights, Colorful City
  68. The Art of War
  69. Twelve Ilms of Snow
  70. Impossible... Incredible Feast!
  71. Let's Get Elemental
  72. The Eggs Factor
  73. A Method to the Metal
  74. Where in the World is Magnai's Nhaama?
  75. Introducing FINAL FANTASY XIV Online GO - The Future of Gathering
  76. April Fools' Day Joke - the Making of FFXIVGO Video
  77. The Rise of the Seventh Astral Orchestra
  78. Put the PAX Behind You
  79. Moonlit Quality of Life Updates
  80. Summoning THE PRIMALS Debut Album
  81. Much Ado About PvP
  82. The Airspeed Velocity of an Unladen Swallow's Compass
  83. Deliveries Under The Sea
  84. Happy 45th Birthday, Yoshi-P!
  85. Hollywood Red Carpet Cosplay Walk
  86. I Want My MGP
  87. The Far East Meets E3
  88. Announcing the FFXIV x MONSTER HUNTER: WORLD collaboration!
  89. It's In Here Somewhere
  90. The Song of the Wayward Daughter
  91. All Miqo'te Go To Heaven-on-High
  92. Songs from the Storm
  93. Water You Waiting For?!
  94. Vote in the Fan Favorite Music Poll!
  95. To Fight Claw and Fang! FRC 2018 Update!
  96. Preppin' for Pagos
  97. The Great Hunt is On
  98. FINAL FANTASY XIV Joins the Aomori Nebuta Festival
  99. Year Four, And Many More!
  100. A Spriggan Your Step
  101. When One Feast Ends, Another Begins!
  102. Korea Cheers for Three Years
  103. Hello from the Otter Side
  104. FFXIV Experience at gamescom 2018
  105. Search & E x p a n d
  106. We All Korpokkur Down Here
  107. A Prelude to the Prelude
  108. FRC Semifinals & Patch 4.4 Update!
  109. Eternally Ever After
  110. And Then There Were Four
  111. Pose! Pose! Fight The Poser!
  112. Pre-Order FFXIV - The Best (The Best, The Best, The Best!)
  113. What's Hot at TGS