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About the Guild

The Guild was formed on January, 6th 2005 as the hnm linkshell fusion of excellence on final fantasy XI Garuda server. The original Guild was short lived as we quickly expanded into all areas of endgame and renamed the Guild Enigma under the leadership of Segun.

At that point we grew from a group of players who never done endgame before into one of the top Guilds on the server. The Guild always had a different drive from the rest focusing on the greater good of the group and bringing together the abilities and knowledge of the collective to more quickly advance us as a whole. This led us to great success on Garuda for the next 3 years.

In late 2009, we moved to the Fenrir server to escape the Guild who purchased the packet bot NASA (for those not knowing a $3000 bot with a near 98% claim rate). On the new server we joined with another smaller Guild who has been doing endgame in small numbers. The new Guild formed became known as Zulu and we began to make our presence known in our new home.

Shortly after the transfer we were a force to be reckoned with on the server quickly rising to the highest claiming Guild on the server. As well as being one of the few Guilds with a strong enough membership to run all events in house. Things continued under Segun’s leadership until Late May when a hacked account combined with SE’s failed customer service ended our leaders time with us.

At that point is where I stepped in as leader of the Guild as the oldest ls member and head sr.officer. I renamed it Paradox (was forced to since Segun held the shell but could no longer log in). I set out to take the Guild to the next level, to bring us to a point we never were under Segun. I modeled the new Guild after the principles Segun established over the past 4 years and brought in my experiences from RL and other mmos.

Paradox expanded from a guild doing all events successfully to a machine which pulled together everyone to advance the Guild to a new height.

We were unmatched on the Fenrir server at this point accomplishing more than all the other 4 major endgame shells combined. We had the most successful Limbus, Dynamis, and Einherjar shell on the server and was at the point of rivaling the best of the best worldwide.

At the launch of Final Fantasy XIV we went to the Cornelia server to continue our story. The Guild had a more of a rough start on XIV mainly because of the train wreck that was this game. The resilience of the Guild was easily shown as we are the only original Guild left from launch on the Cornelia server which was merged into Durandal. We survived a period which can only be described as hell on earth, fighting not only poor game design, but a dwindling playerbase in which over 90% of the subscription based left the game.

Yet with these troubles and disastrous launch of 1.0 the Guild persevered and ended the 1.0 saga by accomplishing everything the game had to offer. We moved into 2.0, with a new focus. The guild quickly rose to one of the top on the server with multiple groups clearing the highest tier content in the game.

We continue now accomplishing all this game has to offer. We are a guild like no other, with a rich history and tradition of excellence. I look forward to 4.0 and sharing this with new those who been with us, those who we just met, and those who we will meet. It is our time to finally surpass what we accomplished in XI and to build on our prior successes in XIV. This I look forward to doing with everyone who will wear our crest.

-Xatsh Vei (Guild Leader)
(Member Jan 6, 2005 – Current)

Internal Policy

1) No Discrimination of any kind.

This guild is an international guild and we have people of almost every walk of life. There is not absolutely no discrimination in this guild, including Sex, Sexual Preference, Religion, County of Origin, Race, Gender, Income bracket, and so on.

With this said I do not want people to walk on eggshells in chat, the occasional joke will be said and such. But directly attacking someone or talking shit behind someone's back will not be tolerated. Members doing this will be removed. If you are asked to stop saying something joking and it offends someone I expect you to stop.

If your religion, political ideals, or personal beliefs prevent you from treating everyone as an equal to yourself. DO NOT JOIN THIS GUILD!!!! This is a guild for everyone... except people who judge someone for anything other then their merits as a person.

2) GMing another guild member

Simple Rule do not GM guild members. If you do you will be kicked. Issues are to be handled internally, if the member is in the wrong enough to warrent a gm call they will be kicked.

3) Drama

This guild will be a large community and there will be disagreements and suck. But I expect issues to be handled in private and as adults.

People causing huge amount of drama who are unwilling or unable to solve the issues will be removed. Please note Drama ruins the fun of the guild for everyone. If you have an issue please contact leadership if you are having issues solving it.

4) Verbal Agreements

All verbal agreements said in public channels in TS or on Guild Chat will be upheld.

5) No Theft or Intentional Harm to Guild members

Simple as this you screw over a guild member intentionally you are out.

6) Releasing Technology to non-guild members

Systems records who uses it... if you let other use it who are no in the guild... I will suspend your rights to use it at all. If it is a major issue I will remove you. This program is designed for us to use.

7) RMT advertisement

If you advertise anything for rl money you will be kicked.

8) Botting vs Add-ons

Botting and such is not tolerated in FFXIV. Simply do not do it. If you are flee hacking, positional hacking, teleporting, ect we will kick you. IT will give the guild a horrible name and reputation other wise.

Add-ons we do allow as long as they do not alter the game in anyway. These only provide you a better way of seeing and analysis what is already on the screen. This includes Parsers, on-screen overlays, guild works, Systems, FFXIVAPPS, and so on.

Lotting Policy


1) General Policy 2) Alt Policy
3) Selling Policy
4) Game Rules VS LS Rules

1) General Policy

Distribution in XIV is based off the primary/secondary job system. With the design of the game this option allows us to best distribute the gear in situation where we are in low man statics or working on primal content.

If future content requires we have complex distribution system is in place utilizing attendance based lotting. Currently this kind of system is unusable in the current version of XIV.

In Situations where it is a not a scheduled guild event the distribution is determined by the individual party.

2) Alt Policy

We do not recommend using alts. Alts and mains must share drops. If the alt is not usable, aka so under geared or leveled they cannot be used for endgame, leaders can override typical lot policy to insure gear is going to someone who can actively use it. Example an alt that is never used item level 48gear vs a person lotting for their main with 210 gear going for a 220 drop.

Honestly Final Fantasy XIV is not an alt mandated game. Using an alt in this can end up hurting you... If you are an alt person make sure your alts do not share drops with your main or issues may arise. Know what character is getting what ahead of time to avoid potential issues.

We view it as not being fair to give members duplicate items when people are still waiting for them on their mains.

3) Selling Policy

Members do not have the rights to sell any item obtained in a guild event. If a member if caught selling anything obtained at events it will be considered theft from the ls and will result in massive penalties or expulsion from the guild.

Member may not lot items to sell at guild events over someone needing an item for advancement (This typically is not possible anyways in ffxiv). The guild bank is the outlet for members to get gear, money, crafting stuff, supplies.

4) Game Rules VS Guild Rules

Need/Greed/Pass is how game distribution works. For the Guild NEED will NEVER be used for one simple reason, we do not always have people go on jobs they need gear for, they go on jobs we need to do the content. Using need can prevent people from lotting gear they actually need, using need might make you have to pass gear... do not press that button pls.

The n/g/p system is for pugs and does not work for a more formalized lot system. Please remember guild policies trump what the game considers the rules.

Members deliberately using need to get gear over others who should be able to lot will be removed from the guild for theft.

Event Policy

1) Guild Events
2) 8 Man events
3) Alliance Events
4) Outside Guild Events

1) Guild Events

Guild events are our scheduled nightly events and open for guild members to attend. This should be why you joined us to do stuff. In the instance of cap man content, we will attempt to make multiple parties and trade people in and out as jobs allow.
All events will be posted in advance through systems and systems online viewable on the website and guild management program.
Standard event times are 8pm est - Midnight (est). Late night/early morning events might be added at a later time

2) 8 Man Events - Primals

These are a higher tier endgame event. Members wanting to do these are expected to have the min. item levels needed (note this is our levels not the duty finders) and should be able to do perform there job to adequate levels involving dps.
We will post online about each of these under Members => Events. Those not geared enough or having issues hitting dps checks get with others in the guild, dps rotations and such are not a secret.
The goal is to get everyone involved in the content. But we need to set min requirements to insure the possibility of success especially when initially learning the fights.

3) Alliance Events

This will be done with the whole guild, and all members are expected to attend if available.

4) Savage Raid Content / Top Tier Content

This content will be done in Specific Static groups due to the nature of the events. Please note that each static is independent of guild event policies and will set their own entrée requirements.

Recruitment Procedure

Recruitment Policy (as of 5/14/2016)

The application basically involves initial screening and gives all members a chance to review the app. This is mainly to see if you are going to meet the requirements for the Guild and for members to express any concerns. The application will remain open for 48hrs at that time leaders will accept or reject the application.

Rejected reasons can include the following:

1) On the guild blacklist (I have perma banned you from the guild... this means you really pissed off/screwed over the guild it is not easy to get on this.)
2) Issues with current membership

If you meet the requirements for joining and no member has a objection you will be accepted and invited to the FC.

Trial Period
Once you are in the Guild you begin basically a 1 month observation period. This is mainly to see if you will work well with the members on a day to day basis. The trial DOES NOT effect lotting or rights for the new member. Once you are in the guild you are under systems which does not differentiate between new and old members. During the trial we will be monitoring the following areas.

1) Attendance Levels
2) How you get along with members
3) Breaking Rules

As long as you are active in game, are decent at your job(s), and do not cause drama you are more or less set.
Reasons for removal are the following:

1) Internal Drama: This is a major issue with a member in the Guild that cannot be resolved. This issue must be a valid reason for removal from the Guild. Leadership as a whole will decide the course of action if drama occurs. If the issue is not caused by the new member or it is not the main cause of drama it will not count against trial (it is older members jobs to check the application board at least once a day to see who apply, if they do not they pass on their right to add input for pre-Guild issues. Once accepted all issues that happened pre-joining will not be held against a new member with 1 exception: there is proof you stole from another ls or stole an account)
2) You do not log in for a period of 3 weeks without a notification why. We assume you quit the game at this point. Just tell someone if you are not able to play and we can switch you to leave. (we understand everyone has RL stuff that comes up, but we cannot read minds)
3) Breaking any major ls policy.
4) Discrimination against members

I have designed this guild to not screw over new members and I want this Guild to be enjoyable. Our trial is extremely lax compared to most serious endgame shells. We do not limit lotting in the guild at all for newer players.

As a new member you should want to get along and attend, that is why you are joining. That is all there is to it really. If you attend, get along, and are a competent player you are golden.

Listing reasons to get kicked sounds bad but it is stating what should be the complete obvious, and gives guidance for leaders and lets members know what we are looking at.

The main officers of the Guild that will handle recruitment and admissions are as followed:
Xatsh Vei (Guild Co-Leader / Guild Founder / EGC Co-Founder), Damien Yules (Guild Co-Leader)
Melty (Community Administrator / EGC Co-Founder)
Lotte Euonia (Officer)

About Systems
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Systems is an advance guild management systems developed by Paradox Game Development for use in mmos. It fully automates Guild administration and updates thousands of records in real time. It handles lotting, bank, attendance recording, website updates, and more automatically. This systems allows for us to do far greater and complex functions with the linkshell with no sacrafices by leadership and members.

Systems Guild Masters Version

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Systems and Systems Online
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