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6/26/2019 10:09:51 PM
Posted by: Xatsh

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With the new expansion coming out we will be doing some clean up on pretty much everything across the board.

We will be giving ppl a chance to get back into the game from the break, those who are long term MIA will be removed after 2 weeks.

Discord permissions will be modified based on guild membership. Those not in the guild will be moved to a friends/ally status.

Systems Permissions have been wipped already, forum permissions will be adjusted in the upcoming days.

SystemsBot (Discord) will be down the 27 for maintaince.


6/26/2019 9:59:04 PM
Posted by: Xatsh

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With the new expansion nearly here I welcome all those coming back to play and those coming to join us for the new expansion.

Please contact Xatsh or Selaphiel ingame for invites if needed.

While the servers are down I welcome you to review over the preliminary patch notes.

Preliminary Patch Notes

ShadowBringers Launch

6/24/2019 6:51:56 PM
Posted by: Xatsh

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With the release of Shadow Bringers on the horizon we have began our prep to enter the new expansions and get guild operations up and moving.

Click Here to view upcoming plan and information about the guild

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