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Test Post

7/7/2018 6:22:06 PM
Posted by: Xatsh

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This is a test post of the archeage main page posting system.

SystemsGM: Archeage Edition Version 9.014b

Guild Meeting

8/21/2017 10:27:38 AM
Posted by: Xatsh

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Guild Meeting Scheduled for this upcoming Tuesday at 9pm est. All members are encouraged to attend on discord as we will be going over current operations, future plans, as well as answering any questions members have.

Discord information is on the guild page ingame.

Guild Topics

Weekly Schedule

7/24/2017 11:46:43 AM
Posted by: Xatsh

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Tentative Weekly Schedule
Week of 7/24/2017

All Events Start at Approx 7/8pm Est
Monday: Flex Day (Say Something if you need something Basically)
Tuesday: Raid Night 9pm est, 7pm-8:30 Weekly Omegas.
Wendesday: Primals/Leveling
Thursday: Hunts 7-8:30 / Raid 9pm
Friday: Free Day / Raids 9pm
Saturday: Treasure Maps 8pm est
Sunday: Hunts 7-8:30 / Raids 9pm est
Please Note that all these times are tentative and subject to change. Please see guild messages ingame for exact events for the day.

On Flex Days speakup on what you need. We will only do events that people need.

In the upcomming weeks we will be potentially setting up mercs for sales in Primals/Omega. Stay Tuned on forums for details about this. Strict requirement to attend mercs.

Weekly Treasure Maps

7/24/2017 11:41:03 AM
Posted by: Xatsh

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We are going to be setting Saturday night as the weekly guild treasure map night for anyone who is interested in doing these.

Maps are your map your loot when it comes to lottable items. Attendees keep items that drop to them randomly.

For those wantting to attend make sure to have the lvl 70 maps that is for the lvl 70 8 people recommended. Gazelle Map. This can be bought at the AH, price ranges from 60k-150k depending on the day. Cheapest midweek. Or you can harvest 1 map per day at a lvl 70 node. They spawn randomly at any 70 node... Note this could take a bit to showup if you are unlucky.

The average Yeild of gil for people doing maps are between 500k and 12million. Alot of RNG factors at play, Get to a final room in Canals and you will probably make a large sum of cash.

Omega Clears

7/19/2017 4:30:26 PM
Posted by: Xatsh

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Would like to give a grats to those who are clearing Omega Savage 1 and 2 on day 1 of the patch. As well as saying good job to the full guild static clear of OS1, even with ppl playing off jobs last night to fill in.

We expect a clear of OS2 by the weekend with us working on OS3 in the guild static by the start of next week.

Going forward those who want to do raid that are not in a static contact me if you are interested in leading another static group. We will probably need to get another group started.

I will be posting Parsing logs in FFLOGs under the 7thSyndicate guild. I will note these will be kept on private setting so only members can review them. Once we are geared and are on an optimal setup then we will attempt world record clears. I suggest members review them to optimize rotations and such in the meantime.

Systems will have both the OS1 and OS2 DBM downloadable Usercoding available by the end of the weekend.

Weekly Schedule

7/19/2017 4:17:41 PM
Posted by: Xatsh

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Week of 7/17/2017

Tentative Schedule

Sorry for the late post, with the patch and savage the scheduling has been alittle weird this week.

Wednesday: Hunts/Primals/Experts/Leveling (Say if you need primals)
Thursday: Savage 9pm est, starting at 7pm Experts/Leveling
Friday: Savage 9pm est, Free Day otherwise
Saturday: Hunts/Omega Weekly if needed/Primals
Sunday: Savage 9pm est, Starting at 7pm Experts/Leveling

Please note all times are tentative and subject to change. Those in Statics check with your static lead on exact times, these might be different if changes were made midweek in your schedule.

Check the ingame page for current events scheduled for each day.

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